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Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday. I have officially graduated. I am no longer a wandering 20’s. I know what I want, and I’m going to get it. At least that’s how I imagine us powerful 30-year-olds to think.

I have had mixed feelings about saying goodbye to 20s, in fact, it was way harder than saying goodbye to teens ;). I don’t feel 30, I never felt 29, in fact.

Most the time when talking to youngsters, I feel like they are older than me and I’ve been carded to see a rated R movie, and they won’t let me taste wine at Trader Joes without an id.

So I guess I have never really felt old. But alas, I have to recognize the number has changed, so I’ve got some stepping up to do.

I have a lot of thoughts about 30 that I will share soon. But for now, I’ll tell you about my day, my lovely birthday.

I have had some hard birthdays in the past. Not because of anyone, or anything, (well there were a few a-holes that broke up with me on my birthday) but according to Facebook who’s laughing now? 😉 just me and my birthday issues.

But this year, I did it all different. I scheduled a day for myself. I thought about what I’d like to do, and I made it happen. This is what I did… (with the cooperation of my sweet husband who took Isabel with him to work 😉

I have a pretty fierce cold with snot bubbles and coughing, but by golly, I’m not 20 anymore. The 20-year-old me would cry and feel unloved by God that I was not feeling good on my special day, but not this year. I’m 30, and I chose to look at the small hardship as a challenge instead of a breakdown, I was determined to make this day count.

Happy birthday to me

I woke up and stared outside the window into the trees and thanked God for life, and thanked God for my mother who gave me life, and I marinated in the thankfulness of what it means to exist simply.

Then I rolled out of bed and went to a massage appointment I booked… (and drooled and snotted during the whole thing) I promise you this isn’t normal, but today… I decided I didn’t care.

I came home, showered, took my time getting dressed and straightening my hair and got in the car.

I went to Dean & Deluca, and got my favorite sandwich (that I’ve been eating for 15 years!!!) I started working there when I was 16, with the addition of birthday bacon and a sweet tea. I sat down with my list/journal book, and I wrote things that came to me and wrote goals and asked my self who I wanted to be in year 30 and what I wanted to do, and how I was going to do it.

I took a walk. I walked to my favorite paper store, browsed the items I was going to by for my business, but then decided, nope- no work, only play today.

I went to the mall. I went in every store I wanted to. I stayed in Anthropologie for hours, calculating and trying on clothes, only to return the clothes I bought last week, purchase some bowls for my kitchen and make $53.00. That’s a success in my world.

I shopped until my red, watery eyes were tired and my last tissue had been sneezed upon and came home to my husband giving my daughter a piggy-back ride, listening to her squeal with delight, ate a cheese stick, a cupcake and a glass of sparkling juice…………. and it was perfect.