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How to Organize Your Household Cleaning Supplies

Most people have more than enough cleaning supplies in their houses and sometimes it can be hard to organize all those cleaning supplies. When you are all done with cleaning and you are too tired to put them together, sometimes you find that you mix all of them together in a container thus leading to spills and stains.

Also, when they are scattered all over or clamped in one container, you will not know when one of the supplies runs out meaning you will not restock on time.

Therefore, organizing your cleaning supplies will make it easier for you when cleaning and you’ll not surprised that something run out and you didn’t know. Some of the items that might come in handy when organizing your cleaning supplies are;

Storing a vacuum cleaner

A shark vacuum cleaner is one of those home appliances that make cleaning easier. Storing a vacuum cleaner can be tough especially when you don’t have enough space. Can it be kept in your laundry room or in your broom’s closet? You need to have safety in mind when storing your vacuum cleaner.

How to store a vacuum

You need to have some things in mind; for example how often do you vacuum your carpet, is your vacuum cleaner a canister or an upright one? Some of these spaces you can use to store your vacuum cleaner are;

  • under the staircase-you can build a closet there for storing your vacuum cleaner and other cleaning supplies
  • the laundry room in one of the lower shelves
  • in the pantry in one of the lower shelves
  • in one f the utility cabinets

Bins and baskets

You can pop in any shop or supermarket that sells plastics and pick the ones that tickle your fancy; the ones that match your home décor, the ones that match your color scheme. Buckets and baskets come in different shapes and sizes so; pick the ones that will hold your sponges, one for paper towels, and one for cotton clothes according to their sizes and their cleaning functions. All you need to do label your containers for when you need to clean again and you don’t need all the supplies. You also need an extra empty one basket where you will put the supplies you need for cleaning on that particular day.


Most houses come with built in lockers and sometimes you have too many things that you realize you don’t have enough space for your cleaning supplies. In such a scenario, you can have one or two installed specifically for your cleaning supplies. Make sure they are big enough to hold all your cleaning buckets, your cleaning liquids and brooms and mops

Rolling utility cart

Organize home cleaning

A rolling utility cart is one of the best things when cleaning because you don’t need to carry anything around your house; you just need to push it and you are good to go. Have the cart loaded with the mentioned baskets and buckets and you will realize you will be more productive in your cleaning. If you have a two storeyed house, you can have each floor with its own utility cart to make it easier for you when cleaning.

Tension bar

If you don’t have space in your lockers; you can use the space under your bathroom or kitchen sinks to store your cleaning supplies. All you need to do is to buy tension bar and place it in the cabinets under your bathroom or kitchen sinks. The bottles nozzles will act as hooks and you can place as many as the space allows.

Shoe caddy

A plastic caddy is one other thing that you can use to store your cleaning supplies. You can hang the shoe caddy on your bathroom door, a pantry closet, laundry room or any other space where you’ll find it easier to access the cleaning supplies when you need them. The pockets are big enough to hold your wet wipes, feather dusters, hand brooms, spray bottles and your cleaning brushes.


Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday. I have officially graduated. I am no longer a wandering 20’s. I know what I want, and I’m going to get it. At least that’s how I imagine us powerful 30-year-olds to think.

I have had mixed feelings about saying goodbye to 20s, in fact, it was way harder than saying goodbye to teens ;). I don’t feel 30, I never felt 29, in fact.

Most the time when talking to youngsters, I feel like they are older than me and I’ve been carded to see a rated R movie, and they won’t let me taste wine at Trader Joes without an id.

So I guess I have never really felt old. But alas, I have to recognize the number has changed, so I’ve got some stepping up to do.

I have a lot of thoughts about 30 that I will share soon. But for now, I’ll tell you about my day, my lovely birthday.

I have had some hard birthdays in the past. Not because of anyone, or anything, (well there were a few a-holes that broke up with me on my birthday) but according to Facebook who’s laughing now? 😉 just me and my birthday issues.

But this year, I did it all different. I scheduled a day for myself. I thought about what I’d like to do, and I made it happen. This is what I did… (with the cooperation of my sweet husband who took Isabel with him to work 😉

I have a pretty fierce cold with snot bubbles and coughing, but by golly, I’m not 20 anymore. The 20-year-old me would cry and feel unloved by God that I was not feeling good on my special day, but not this year. I’m 30, and I chose to look at the small hardship as a challenge instead of a breakdown, I was determined to make this day count.

Happy birthday to me

I woke up and stared outside the window into the trees and thanked God for life, and thanked God for my mother who gave me life, and I marinated in the thankfulness of what it means to exist simply.

Then I rolled out of bed and went to a massage appointment I booked… (and drooled and snotted during the whole thing) I promise you this isn’t normal, but today… I decided I didn’t care.

I came home, showered, took my time getting dressed and straightening my hair and got in the car.

I went to Dean & Deluca, and got my favorite sandwich (that I’ve been eating for 15 years!!!) I started working there when I was 16, with the addition of birthday bacon and a sweet tea. I sat down with my list/journal book, and I wrote things that came to me and wrote goals and asked my self who I wanted to be in year 30 and what I wanted to do, and how I was going to do it.

I took a walk. I walked to my favorite paper store, browsed the items I was going to by for my business, but then decided, nope- no work, only play today.

I went to the mall. I went in every store I wanted to. I stayed in Anthropologie for hours, calculating and trying on clothes, only to return the clothes I bought last week, purchase some bowls for my kitchen and make $53.00. That’s a success in my world.

I shopped until my red, watery eyes were tired and my last tissue had been sneezed upon and came home to my husband giving my daughter a piggy-back ride, listening to her squeal with delight, ate a cheese stick, a cupcake and a glass of sparkling juice…………. and it was perfect.